Win10 Manual “How To” Procedures For Windows 10 Everyone Needs To Know: Anniversary Update

FREE UPGRADABLE WIN10 MANUAL – COMPUTER DESKTOP Microsoft plans two major feature upgrades for 2017. This BOOK and every other Windows 10 book will become obsolete. Our BOOK customers are entitled to a FREE UPGRADABLE VERSION for your computer desktop, which insures you being current for all Windows 10 “How To’s”. Every time the upgradable version is opened, a free upgrade option is presented. All procedures are updated to the latest, which makes “obsolete” a word for the history books. LEARN WINDOWS 10 “HOW TO” PROCEDURES This “How To” Windows 10 book is written for the everyday person. If you do not care how it works, only “How To Do It” this book is for you. All procedures are presented step by step, with every click of the mouse identical to what is seen on your Windows 10 computer. A free upgradable version of the Win10 Manual is available by using a discount code provided with your purchase of the Win10 Manual

Author: Howard Riback

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