Windows 10: (2019 Edition) The Ultimate User Guide, How to Master Windows 10 within 24 Hours

Windows 10 (2019 edition)The Ultimate user guide, How to master Windows 10 within 24 hoursIt has been some years that Microsoft officially launched the latest version of windows 10 and we found out that a lot of people are delaying to upgrade not because they don’t like the OS but because they are waiting for Microsoft to rectify some known issues. This book has come with solutions of your fears so you can enjoy this beast.We identify how hard it is upgrading to a new operating system. They generally do not come with user manual and neither do genuine tutorials address the main issues. So, whether you have just upgraded from windows 8 to windows 10 or got a new PC that works with windows 10, there's an enormous probability that you're struggling with how things work. Performing simple tasks like taking security setting or how to personalize your desktop may become pretty confusing that you're so embarrassed to ask anyone.In this book, we're going to be taking away what's old and bringing what's new. You will find out tips and tricks never featured on any blog post you've ever read. You will get a full introduction to windows 10 basics and outline the functionality of Cortana. To ensure your PC doesn't breakdown any time soon, we also outline safety tips and backup option for the longevity of your system.This book features Simple but complex tips on how to perform actions on Windows 10. We take you through a step-by-step method with aid of screenshots on how to master the windows 10 interface from scratch to master’s level.Written in plain English that's easy to understand even for a 10 year old. We will take you from the windows 10 basic to the most advanced features.  Here is a preview of what you'll learn;Windows 10 synopsisMay 2019 Windows 10 updateInstallation of windows 10 (Upgrade and clean installs)Interaction with windows environmentThe Desktop settingManage user Account settingWindows 10 updates and activationCortana integrated in Microsoft EdgeWindows 10 TroubleshootingAnd much more..!Download your copy of "Windows 10" by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

Author: David H. Kevin

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