Windows 10: 2019 New and Updated User Guide. Master Your Microsoft Windows 10 with 55 Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 2019 New and Updated User Guide. Master Your Microsoft Windows 10 with 55 Tips and Tricks.The importance of speed, security, interface ease, compatibility, and software tools provided by Windows 10 cannot be understated. It is an enormous improvement compared to its predecessors. This book is designed to take you through the process of achieving a deeper understanding of your Microsoft windows 10 with 55 tips and tricks. You’ll begin by understanding the basics and installation of windows 10, configuring and customizing, troubleshooting and networking and window applications. And in the concluding chapters, you will learn various methods of Automatically backing up libraries, Disabling new battery flyout, making Cortana respond to voice commands, preventing an app from showing in the recently used list and uninstalling apps from the start menu. This book is filled with information to strengthen your practical understanding, this guide contains the new features in the Windows ten operating system, which comprises of Cortana and the Microsoft Edge browser. What you will learn: Remove old files after installing Windows 10Sign out of WindowsNew Action CenterNew snap keyboard shortcutsMake Windows touch-friendlyDisable WIFI Sense in Windows 10Customize Privacy settingsCustomize Battery SaverUnlock PC with a fingerprintStream media across the networkMonitor with Task ManagerCreate a local accountContact SupportArrange windowsScroll inactive windowsSnap windows to cornerUse Virtual DesktopsPeek at the desktopView apps from across desktopsMove Windows between Virtual DesktopsGet back icons on the desktopManage notificationsShake to minimizeEnable jump lists and so on.

Author: Sammy Martin

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