Windows 10: Beginner’s Guide

Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime can read this book for FREE!!!Microsoft Windows 10 user's guide for those who decided to start using the newest operating system from Microsoft. You will learn how to install Windows 10, learn how to use the updated interface and other innovations, as well as the latest and best features of Windows 10.Using this guide, you will find out whether you are entitled to free upgrades from previous versions of Windows to Windows 10. How to update yourself or how to install the operating system yourself. You will also learn how to change and customize the desktop settings according to your preferences. In this book, you put on:Advantages of Windows 10;Install or update the operating system;Facilities Microsoft account;Drivers installation;Review and configure the updated desktop;Windows hotkeys.Stop thinking and start the new system today!tags: Windows 10, user guide, Microsoft, beginner’s guide, how to upgrade to windows 10, new Windows 10, Windows 10 features, how to operate, new start menu, Microsoft Widows, user manual, new updates, new features.

Author: Jack Griffin

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