Windows 10 Easy Fixes: (PC, Laptop and Tablet)

This is the book you will want to keep at your side when you use your PC. It gives simple instructions to make Windows 10 work exactly the way YOU want it to; click by click, tap by tap. It addresses desktop, laptop, tablet and “2 in 1” devices. Instructions are divided into chapters addressing each feature you may want to change or better understand. It shows you how to control your computer with confidence by following the simple instructions. At the same time you will get to know the precautions you should take to keep your data and apps safe from problems and disasters. The book contains a Glossary of some terms you may want explained further. It has a guide to walk you through the maze of the “Settings” screens, and it has a listing of shortcut keys that can speed up your interface with the computer or tablet. Whether you are timid like my Aunt Martha or a young geek, this book will make you a happy user.

Author: Patrick McCloghrie

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