Windows 10 for Seniors for the Beginning Computer User: Get Started with Windows 10 (Computer Books for Seniors series)

Windows 10 for Seniors for the Beginning Computer User is the ideal book for beginners and seniors. It is written especially for people with little technical knowhow or who have seldom or never used a computer before. Right from the beginning you learn step by step how to turn the computer on and off and you will get acquainted with the mouse, keyboard, touchpad and other parts of the computer. You will learn how to open and close programs and work with files and folders. In your own tempo you will learn how to surf the Internet and use email. Later in the book we explain how to adjust settings that are important for a beginning computer user. These include adjusting the text size, changing the pointer style and the mouse's double-click rate, among others. The book also contains additional exercises to repeat and reinforce everything that you have learned and instructional videos are available on the website that goes with this book to explain how to perform specific tasks one step at a time. In short, this user-friendly book is a complete package and the ideal guide for the beginning computer user!The Windows 10 for Seniors book:encourages learning with an easy step-by-step approachhas been tested by seniorsis based upon practical experiencefocuses on acquiring practical skillsgives detailed background informationcontains a convenient reference sectioncontains an extensive indexoffers special help topics for do-it-yourself error correctingoffers Bonus Online Chapters at the website accompanied with the bookLearn how to:get acquainted with Windows 10 step by stepwork with the mouse, keyboard, touchpad or touchscreensend and receive email and surf the Internetwork with files and foldersbasic instructions for working with photos, videos and musicadjust settingsSuitable for:Windows 10 on a desktop computer or laptop

Author: Studio Visual Steps

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