Windows 10 for Seniors in easy steps

Covers Windows 10, the latest Windows operating system released on July 29th, 2015.Windows 10 for Seniors in easy steps is written with the older generation in mind. It uses larger type for easy reading and takes you through the essentials a step at a time.It will help you to:Install or upgrade to Windows 10, and customize it to suit your needs;Master the key features of Windows 10 on your Windows device (including PCs, laptops and touch devices);Find your way around with the Start Button, the Start Menu, the new Task Bar;Use the Quick Access section - an area you can personalize with your favorite apps, programs, contacts and websites so you can quickly get to the functions and files you use most often;Search the web with the new Windows Edge browser;Learn about apps, find and download them, then resize and move them and maximize, minimize or close from their titlebars;Understand how cloud storage with OneDrive works, and use it for free storage and sharing files;Talk to Cortana, the voice-activated Personal Digital Assistant.This guide is filled with tips and shortcuts to help you get the most out of Windows 10, whatever your level of experience.

Author: Michael Price

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