WINDOWS 10  Guide: Detailed Guide to Your New Operating System

WINDOWS 10 Guide Detailed Guide to Your New Operating System This book is a guide for Windows 10 users on how to carryout various tasks in the newest version of the Windows operating system. The book begins by guiding you through installing Windows 10 onto your operating system. The installation includes both the free upgrade process for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users and the clean installation for users of other versions and types of operating systems. These two processes are discussed later in this book. The Ease of Access feature in Windows 10 will be explored in depth, thus, giving you the skills needed to take full advantage of it. Drop shadows in Windows 10 has also been researched, so after reading this book, you will know how to disable them. The Lock Screen is among the features explored, in detail, in this book, so you will learn how to enable and disable this feature. This book explores Power & Sleep options. We'll discuss the Start Screen and the Start Menu in detail, and you will learn how to switch between them. This book will also guide you on how to turn off the option for saving passwords for websites in the Microsoft Edge. You will also learn how to use the page prediction feature, to predict web pages in the Edge browser. We'll discuss the Smart Screen Filter and Reading View, which are features of the Edge. You will also learn how to clean up your drives and how to encrypt them with BitLocker. If needed the process used to change the letter of a drive has also been explained. Here is a preview of what you'll learn: Definition Installation of Windows 10 Ease of Access in Windows 10 Disabling Drop Shadows in Windows 10 Disabling the Lock Screen in Windows 10 Power & Sleep in Windows 10 Switching between Start Menu and the Start Screen Turning On or Off of the Save Password option in Microsoft Edge Predicting a page in Microsoft Edge Browser Microsoft Edge’s Reading View Microsoft Edge’s Smart Screen Filter Drive Encryption with BitLocker in Windows 10 Changing the Location for Installation of New Apps Configuration of the File Explorer to open with This PC View Creation of a New Library Optimization of Drives Download your copy of " WINDOWS 10 Guide " by scrolling up and clicking "Buy Now With 1-Click" button.

Author: Matthew Clark

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