Windows 10 Hacks: Making windows 10 work for you with tips, tools and resources

Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 10, introduces a ton of new features and changes lots of settings. This book assumes you know some basics on Windows but introduces you to tools, techniques, tips and resources to be a more productive user. In twelve descriptive chapters, the author walks through what is new in Windows 10, and then deep dives in the command line interface, PowerShell, the Registry, Security, Backups, Multimedia, Mobile, Search, Touch and Gesture, Apps and the Notification Center. Every chapter contains explanations, walk-through with full-resolution, color photos, hacks to common problems, and links to online resources for more information. Topics Include: * What makes windows 10 unique * Graphical Interface * Command Line Interface * PowerShell * Registry * Security Including * Anti Virus * Anti Malware * Encryption * Firewalls * Windows Defender * Windows Hello * Multimedia * Cortana (Search) * Apps * Notifications * Cloud Syncing * Full System Images * File Backups * Restoring Your System * Microsoft Store * New Features in Windows 10 Why Upgrade? You'll learn about making windows 10 work for you, and if you are running windows already upgrade is free. If you are looking to gain a deeper understanding in windows, this book is for you, it explains how to be a power user and accomplish advanced customization. Ready to learn about Windows 10? Let's go! Want To Be brought up to speed on the latest innovations and techniques with Windows 10? Want to Understand Why Windows 10 is special? What are the potential pitfalls? What do you need to secure Windows 10?

Author: Mr Lucas P Krause

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