Windows 10 Mastery: The Ultimate Windows 10 mastery guide

While Windows 8 was less than useful for many people. Microsoft’s newest offering, Windows 10 is out now to enthusiastic reviews. If you are interested in learning if this new operating system is right for you, then Windows 10 Mastery: The Ultimate Windows 10 Mastery Guide is the book you have been waiting for. Inside you will learn everything there is to know about Windows 10 including things like upgrade requirements, which programs will come along for the ride and more. From there you will learn more about the new features in detail including an all-new start menu and improved functionality in things like snapping windows and even an update to the command line. One of the most completely redesigned features is in Microsoft’s flagship web browser, now called Microsoft Edge. Inside you will find everything you need to about this new browser and how to ensure you get the most out of it. Windows 10 is here to stay, do yourself a favor and get in on the ground floor. Inside this book you'll find: The easiest way to make your own applications The only way to bring back all your favorite programs from older versions of Windows Tips and tricks to ensure Windows 10 runs as smoothly as possible The secret to removing applications Microsoft doesn’t want you to know Keyboard shortcuts And more…

Author: Jonathan Bates

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