Windows 10: The Complete Handbook On Using Windows 10

With the predominance of technology in our society, both in business and our personal lives, we will all find ourselves encountering upgraded operating systems. Sometimes understanding them is just a matter of exploring. Other times, it takes a bit more thought and dedication to figure out the newest changes and features. Either way, it is extremely important to be familiar and comfortable with whatever operating system is running on your device– whether it be a PC (desktop or laptop), tablet, 2-in-1 machine, or a smartphone. With the release of Windows 10 comes the dawn of many new concerns by users. Attempting to figure everything out on your own can not only be time consuming but extremely confusing. Trying to get through absolutely everything at once can be mind-boggling and you likely won’t absorb much material. So just how can you go about figuring all this out? “The Complete Handbook On Using Windows 10” shares all the key points and great tips to help you understand what you are working with and how to best utilize what the new operating system has to offer. “The Complete Handbook On Using Windows 10” is split into multiple chapters, each going into detail of how to work with the system, how to personalize it, and learning what has changed. In this book, you will learn about the most important changes, upgrades, and new features to make the most out of your Windows 10 experience! As you carefully read through “The Complete Handbook On Using Windows 10” you will learn about privacy & security, customizing the look of the OS, upgraded features such as Cortana, notifications, classics like Mail and Calendar, and much, much more!

Author: Andrew Rupert

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