Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginners User Guide To Mastering Microsoft’s New Operating System Today! (Windows 10 Books, Windows 10 Kindle, Windows 10 User Guide)

Windows 10 The Ultimate Beginners User Guide To Mastering Microsoft's New Operating System Today! The advent of technology is like a milestone for the human civilization. With the help of various technological milestones, human race has paved the way for advancement in almost every area of life. Computers and other technologically driven gadgets lay at the heart of this advancement. With every passing day, the technology experts are coming up with something new and more sophisticated. The purpose of all this progress is to ensure easy and error free functionality in all areas of human life. The high up discussions which are part of this book will show up to the following head issues, which are all intended at unveiling the basic utility functions of Windows10 for the new users. Here is a preview of what you'll learn:The introductory chapter which will guide the user about the first “out-of-box-experience” of Windows10. It will guide the readers about the various options of local accounts as well as the use of Microsoft accounts.A discussion about the enhanced features of this new version of Windows, in terms of Action Centre and Start menu.A step by step procedural discussion for enabling the reader to make maximum use of multidimensional Windows app store. The step involved in using the default apps and those in purchasing new apps will be discussed in this chapter.An account of additional features of Windwos10 including restoration of Windows as well as the snapping function.

Author: Kevin Gray

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