Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginners User Guide

Discover How To Navigate The Windows 10 Operating System (With Pictures) Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 10 is out now and to in an effort to combat the enthusiastically negative public response to Windows 8 the company is giving it away for free. This new operating system was designed to work on personal computers as well as on Windows tablets and phones and changes to suit the strengths of each. If Windows 8 left you gun shy and you want to know just what you are getting yourself into with Windows 10 than Windows 10: The Ultimate Beginner’s User Guide is just what you have been waiting for. Inside you will learn about the Window’s 10 requirements as well as what to expect when you upgrade including which programs will be uninstalled or updated. Then you will learn about the new changes and features of Windows 10 including everything from a new and redesigned Start menu to increased functionality in everything from snapping windows to the command prompt line. One of the biggest changes to Windows 10 comes in the form of Microsoft Edge, a completely redesigned replacement for Internet Explorer. Learn just what to expect from this new browser and why it might be best to wait before switching to it permanently. Find tips and tricks for personalizing Windows 10 inside Learn how to create your own Windows 10 themeLearn how to create a shortcut for any applicationLearn a quick and easy way to create your own content based appMuch, much more!

Author: Max Green

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