Windows 10 Troubleshooting: Windows 10 Manuals, Display Problems, Sound Problems, Drivers and Software: Windows 10 Troubleshooting: How to Fix Common Problems … Tips and Tricks, Optimize Windows 10)

If you are reading this now, chances are that you love your computer, but you hate dealing with all the little bugs and problems that make your experience less than enjoyable. So what do you do? Call your neighbor or your nephew and beg them to help you fix it? Maybe they’ll help you, maybe they won’t, but either way the experience of relying on those around you to fix simple but infuriating computer glitches is inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing. This can especially be the case when you start using an operating system that you’re unfamiliar with, such as the latest Microsoft OS Windows 10.Perhaps you’re one of many who updated to Windows 10 or got a new computer and you’re having trouble using the new features, or fixing annoying problems. Maybe your computer’s fonts are blurry, or you have sound problems, or your software and drivers are on the fritz. Maybe even the thought of playing around in the settings without guidance intimidates you! You have probably tried Googling your problems, only to be overwhelmed by vague and conflicting advice.This book will solve your problem by taking you step by step through some of the most useful troubleshooting strategies for each of these problems.You will learn exactly how to:Uninstall and re-install built-in appsSolve display and sound problemsFix drivers and software compatibilityAnd Improve the overall performance of Windows 10Don’t waste your money by taking your computer to a specialist – some of the most common problems are ones that you can easily fix on your own. This book is filled with illustrations that will help you easily get your computer running more smoothly.About the AuthorPeter Wilford is an accomplished tech writer who has made a living scouring the internet for reliable tricks and fixes for common tech problems. For this project, he identified some of the most common difficulties Windows 10 users experience when upgrading to the new operating system, and created the step-by-step guide to help even the technologically challenged get their computers running at peak performance.Money Back Guarantee!If for any reason you are not satisfied with this troubleshooting guide to Windows 10, you can easily return your kindle book, risk-free!Simply download this book to get started! It won’t stay at this low introductory price forever, so buy your copy today!

Author: Peter Wilford

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