WINDOWS 10 USER GUIDE: 2019/2020 Beginners Manual to Master Microsoft Windows 10, Including Tips and Tricks

Gain full mastery of Microsoft Windows 10! Did you just upgrade your Operating System from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10?Or maybe you recently acquired a new PC and it comes with the latest Windows 10.This book is all you need to familiarize yourself with the Microsoft Windows 10. Get to understand how to use the new and upgraded features of Windows 10 to maximize its full potentials. If you are new to Windows 10 Operating System, getting started and mastering it can be a bit complicated, some features might be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Inside you will find step by step instructions to help you get started with Windows 10; from the simple set up basics to more complicated features of the Operating System, ultimately taking you from novice to pro in just 30 minutes. The instructions contained in this book are detailed and straight to the point. I have also simplified all terminologies so you don’t have to be supper techy to understand the book. You’ll learn:•How to set up your user and Microsoft account•How to set up your password•How to customize the start menu•Upgrading from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10•Already existing Windows 10•Familiarizing yourself with Windows 10 features•Connecting to the internet•Useful Windows 10 app•Tips and tricks•And lot more!This book is just perfect for beginners, however I have no doubt that even professionals will benefit from the content.By the time you are done reading, you would have gain total mastery of your device, navigating it like a pro. Scroll up and click the buy button to get your copy now! PS: when you buy the paperback of this book, you get the ebook version for free.


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