Windows 10 User’s Guide For the Elderly: Get Everything You Need to Know About 2019 Windows 10 Home and Professional Update

Window 10 User’s Guide for the Elderly 2019 Windows 10 Operating System Update and Everything you need to know. It is no longer news that Windows 10 Update is out with several unique features that enhance user’s experience. Whether you are new to Windows 10 having just upgraded from an older Operating System or you have recently purchased a new Personal Computer with Windows 10 Operating System pre-installed or like many others you have migrated from the MacOS from Apple and have finally made a switch to Windows computer or you are in need of tips and tricks to enable you master the Windows 10 Operating System and troubleshoot common problems, then this guide is for you. The author covered some basic to advanced settings on Windows 10, perform a specific task with Windows, dig deeper into the settings menu, take advantage of Cortana, outline the new features of the 2019 Windows 10 update and take an extensive tour of Window 10 Operating System. This book also covered the following topics: Introduction to Windows 10 Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro Which Should I Get? Start Menu How to Add Applications to the Tiles Section Accessing the Start Menu Options How to Pin Apps to the Task Bar Using the Task View Using the Search Tool Setting up Cortana Some Funny Questions to Ask Cortana Cortana Shortcuts Using Windows Edge Browser Microsoft Store Settings And Control Panel Customizing the Look and Feel of Windows 10 Desktop Connecting to a Projector and Using Extended Desktop Activating Tablet Mode How to use the snap feature Using the Snipping Tool Changing the Default Printer Windows Updates and Defender Installing Apps Using Ninite Useful Apps to Install on Windows 10 How to Uninstalling Apps File Explorer File Manager Customizing Privacy Settings Network and Internet Settings How to Lock Your Computer How to Install Windows 10 on MacBook Pro New Features and Capabilities of Windows 10 version 1903 Windows Mixed Reality Windows Sandbox The Narrator Windows Settings MoreTips and Tricks Dark Themes Game ModeStorage Sense Night Light Shop with Edge Print to PDF Virtual Desktops Windows 10 Emoji God Mode Useful Hot Key Combinations for Windows 10Shutting Down your Computer Troubleshooting Problems such as: - Keyboard Not Working - Troubleshoot blue Screen - Troubleshoot Memory Leak - Troubleshooting Startup issues - Wi-Fi Not Connecting - Troubleshooting Wi-Fi disconnecting frequently - Remote Desktop Connection not working - Mail App Not Working- Complete Clean, format or reinstall Windows 10 - How to Speed up Windows 10 and lots more At the end of this guide, you’ll be able to navigate through the updated Windows 10 OS and troubleshoot common problems. Get a Copy of “Windows 10 Users Guide For the Elderly” into your library by scrolling up and clicking on the “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

Author: Charles Smith

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