Windows 10 User’s Manual For Senior Citizens: Hidden Features You Didn’t Know  Existed in Windows 10 Lastest Update and How to Troubkeshoot Common Problems

Windows 10. The May 2019 Windows Operating System Update and all you need to know. Good news that is Microsoft has released the latest Windows 10 Update with essential features that will improve its performance and customer’s experiences. If you are among those that are new to Windows 10 having just acquired a new PC with Microsoft’s Operating System, Windows 10 pre-installed or you have just upgraded to from the old Operating System like Windows 7, 8 to Windows or you moved from Apple’s MacOS to Windows 10 Operating System or maybe you want to know how to explore Windows 10 OS coupled with hidden features, tips, and trips and how to trouble common software issues, then this Manual is the best for you. This Manual is an eye-opener to some fundamental to advanced settings on Windows 10, explain more the Settings app, know how to use Cortana and its capability, discussed the newly introduced features of the latest May 2019 Windows 10 update.Inside this Manual you will find the following topics;Introduction to Windows 10 Operating SystemStart MenStep to Add Apps to The Windows 10 Tiles SectionHidden Start MenuCustomization Of The Start Menu Personalization Of The Start Screen/ Windows Task Bar Projector Connection and Extended Desktop Tablet Mode Show Desktop Snapping Feature Task View File Explorer Task Manager Searching Tool Cortana Useful Shortcuts of Cortana The Snipping ToolMicrosoft Store Microsoft solitaire collectionMicrosoft Edge Web BrowserWindows 10 Settings AppControl PanelSwitching Default PrinterWindows update & DefenderHow to Customize Privacy SettingsNetwork & Internet SettingsSteps to Remove/Uninstall AppsHow to Lock Your PCHow to Shut Down Your SystemHow to Upgrade to The Latest Windows 10 UpdateHAT IS NEW IN WINDOWS 1903 VERSION?Appearance/Start MenuWindows UI/ThemeAction Center & Screen BrightnessWindows UI: Some Other UI Changes In The Latest Windows UpdateReserved StorageWindows SandboxApps & ExperiencesNotepad Updatenip and SketchSticky NotesGame BarWindows Mixed RealityInput & AccessibilityCursor customizationNarratorWindows settingsAdditional Hidden Tips and TricksGame ModeEmojiStorage Sense Print to PDF Virtual DesktopsSteps RecorderMedia streamingQuick AssistGod ModeNight LightSystem Restore PointWays to Speed Up Windows 10 PerformanceCommon Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut you should knowTroubleshooting Windows 10Blue Screen Booting ProblemsKeyboard not functioningMemory Leak Mail App Not FunctioningHow to Reset Your Computer Without Losing Your Files? By time the you are done reading this Manual, you will be able explore the Windows 10 Operating System and know how to troubleshoot common software issues associated with the Windows 10 OS.Get ay Copy of “Windows 10 User’s Manual” into library by scrolling up and clicking on the “Buy with 1-Click” button.

Author: Paul Spurgeon

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