Windows 7 Superguide: Master Microsoft’s newest operating system quickly and easily

Are you ready for Windows 7? Microsoft's newest operating system is taking the computing world by storm with its great new features and improved system performance. Now, thanks to our latest Superguide, learning Windows 7 just got a whole lot easier. Whether you are new to computers or just new to Windows 7, this Superguide will help you to get the most out of the new operating system. The book contains 345 pages with lessons and pictures. Get the most out of your new computer or operating system upgrade investment with the Windows 7 Superguide. There really is no better Windows 7 beginners book available anywhere on the internet. The Windows 7 Superguide is an essential purchase for all new Windows 7 users. Technical support for all the topics covered in this book is available directly from the author at

Author: Matthew A Buxton

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