Windows 8.1 for Seniors in easy steps

Windows 8.1 for Seniors in easy stepsis an essential guide presented with the over-50's in mind. It uses larger type for easy reading and discusses the topics in a clear and concise manner. It concentrates on the activities you'll want to carry out, whether you're completely new to computers, or you're upgrading from a previous version of Windows.Windows 8.1 for Seniors in easy steps includes the new features that have been added since Windows 8: the return of the Start button; options for booting up to the Desktop; viewing up to four apps on screen at the same time; an enhanced SkyDrive feature for online storage and sharing; and a unified search facility that enables you to search over your computer and the Web.It focuses on the new Windows 8.1 interface and shows you how you can access these features using a keyboard and mouse or using multitouch display capabilities.Windows 8.1 for Seniors in easy steps will help you to quickly feel comfortable and confident with this exciting operating system. Presented with the senior reader in mind, it uses larger type, in the familiar In Easy Steps style.Covers the 8.1 update released Fall 2013.

Author: Michael Price

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