Windows 8.1 in easy steps

Windows 8.1 In Easy Steps shows you how to get up to speed with this version of Windows and begins by detailing how to get to grips with the Windows 8.1 interface. It deals with the basics such as accessing items, personalizing your screen and using additional controls that are available from the sides of the screen. This book includes the new features that have been added since Windows 8: the return of the Start button; options for booting up to the Desktop; viewing up to four apps on screen at the same time; an enhanced OneDrive feature for online storage and sharing; and a unified search facility that enables you to search over your computer and the web. A lot of the functionality of Windows 8.1 is aimed at touchscreen devices, whether they are desktop computers, laptops or tablets. This is dealt with in terms of navigating around, as well as showing how everything can still be done with a traditional mouse and keyboard.Windows 8.1 in easy steps shows how to access, download and organize apps, to help you get the most out of Windows 8.1.

Author: Nick Vandome

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