Windows 8 Basics In 30 Minutes: The quick-start reference for users moving from Windows 7, Vista, and XP

Do you have 30 minutes to spare? It's all of the time you'll need to get up to speed with Windows 8, the new Microsoft operating system designed for PCs and touch-screen tablets! Using step-by-step instructions, lots of screenshots, and a touch of humor, Windows expert Tim Fisher will cover Windows 8 personalization, app installation, email configuration, and more. He'll also walk you through dozens of must-have apps from the Windows Store, ranging from games to Microsoft Word! Other sections in Windows 8 Basic In 30 Minutes include: Changing the tiles on your Start Screen Setting up live tiles Security options How to use the Charms Bar Configuring Gmail, Outlook, and other email accounts Adding and removing apps Setting up notifications Windows 8 and Wi-Fi How to make Windows 8 look like Windows 7 Printers and Windows 8 Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts Windows 8 Basic In 30 Minutes is intended for people coming from the world of Windows 7, Vista, and XP, as well as users who are new to Windows. Author Tim Fisher has worked with Windows and other computing technologies for over two decades. He's also a freelance writer for and has helped people all over the world configure Windows PCs, troubleshoot problems, and get the most out of their personal computers. Windows 8 Basic In 30 Minutes is his first guide. In 30 MinutesĀ® Guides help people understand software, business, and other topics. Titles include Dropbox In 30 Minutes, Google Drive & Docs In 30 Minutes, LinkedIn In 30 Minutes, and Twitter In 30 Minutes.

Author: Tim Fisher

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