Windows 8 Secrets

Tips, tricks, treats, and secrets revealed on Windows 8 Microsoft is introducing a major new release of its Windows operating system, Windows 8, and what better way for you to learn all the ins and outs than from two internationally recognized Windows experts and Microsoft insiders, authors Paul Thurrott and Rafael Rivera? They cut through the hype to get at useful information you'll not find anywhere else, including what role this new OS plays in a mobile and tablet world. Regardless of your level of knowledge, you'll discover little-known facts about how things work, what's new and different, and how you can modify Windows 8 to meet what you need. Windows 8 Secrets is your insider's guide to: Choosing Windows 8 Versions, PCs and Devices, and Hardware Installing and Upgrading to Windows The New User Experience The Windows Desktop Personalizing Windows Windows Store: Finding, Acquiring, and Managing Your Apps Browsing the Web with Internet Explore Windows 8's Productivity Apps Windows 8's Photo and Entertainment Apps Xbox Games with Windows 8 Windows 8 Storage, Backup, and Recovery Accounts and Security Networking and Connectivity Windows 8 for Your Business Windows Key Keyboard Shortcuts Windows 8 Secrets is the ultimate insider's guide to Microsoft's most exciting Windows version in years.

Author: Paul Thurrott

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