Windows 8 Superguide: A 66 lesson training course, covering both the new Windows 8 tile UI and the desktop. Go from beginner to expert, no prior experience necessary

Windows 8 is here in a flurry of controversy! The new operating system is the most radical departure since Windows 95. In this guide, we cover the entire spectrum of Windows 8, from the touch optimized tiles to the productivity power-house of the desktop. Thanks to this Superguide, learning this new operating system just got a whole lot easier. Now fully updated and revised for Windows 8.1 Update 1, the Windows 8 Superguide is better than ever. Whether you are new to computers entirely or just new to Windows 8, this Superguide will help you to get the most out of the operating system, no matter what kind of PC you are using. The guide contains no less than 66 lessons, each fully illustrated. Unleash the true potential of your new Windows 8 machine, be it tablet, hybrid, laptop or desktop, with the Windows 8 Superguide. There is no better beginners course available anywhere! Need extra help? Supplement your book with a Windows 8 Superguide download or DVD, including full-size video tutorials. Visit to learn more. Technical support for all the topics covered in this book is available directly from the author at or on the Top-Windows-Tutorials Facebook page at

Author: Mr Matthew A Buxton

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