Windows 8 Tips for Beginners & HTML Professional Programming Made Easy (Volume 96)

Windows 8 Tips for Beginners Need to learn Windows 8 operating system fast, quick and easy? Don't want to spend hours learning the basics in a classroom or an online course! You just want a technical book made easy with no jargon and terms you can understand without confusion! Want to have control of your computer so that it becomes efficient for you instead of inefficient! Need to know everything from managing your files and folders to personalizing your screens? Want to become proficient within in a day at Windows 8? HTML Professional Programming Made Easy Wish there was a technical book out there that skipped the jargon and got right to the point in an easy to understand format? Tired of the difficult to read programming books? Can't afford to take a HTML course to learn how to do the programming you want or need? Maybe you just want everything quick and easy so at the end of the day your programming what you want and how you want? From beginner to expert in 24 hours is what you need and will get right now! From elements, properties, tags and attributes made easy for anyone to understand From front to back standard structure of HTML provided in basic terms! Whoever downloads this book will become an expert in HTML tags!!!!

Author: Sam Key

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