Windows 8 Troubleshooting: with Instant Help Solutions, Step-by-step instructions, Checklists, Rescue tools

So rate Windows 8-beginners and Windows 8-professionals in the praxis-test! Immediate finding of every searched instruction and problem solution. You just have to follow the step-by-step instructions in case of an error. Even the most difficult Windows 8 problems are solved quickly with the native onboard tools. Defect drivers will be detected quickly and STOP errors will be eliminated reliably. Printer problems can quickly be solved with the Print Advisor. By intrusion in the registry even the most persistent system-errors get eliminated. Analysis tools and rescue discs even help in hopeless situations. The abundance of tips saves time and Windows 8 can be used even more effectively. Emergency aid straight to the point. And ... of course this book is up to date. All step-by-step instructions have been adapted to Windows 8.1.

Author: Reiner Backer

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