Windows 8 User Guide Reloaded: The Complete Beginners’ Guide + 50 Bonus Tips to be a Power User Now!

Are you the owner of a new Windows 8 computer and want to learn how to use it? Are you coming from a previous version of Windows and you aren't quite sure where to find things now? Or maybe, you are looking to do a specific task like check email, or view your photos, and you just want simple step by step directions to show you how? Well, you've come to the right place for all of that and more. In this book, Windows 8 User Guide Reloaded : The Complete Beginners' Guide + 50 Bonus Tips to be a Power User Now you will learn the basics of getting around the new Windows 8 environment. In this beginners book you will find instructions on how to do things like:o Getting to know your way around the new Start Screen and Tiles o Learn how to work with Apps o Learn how to setup an internet connection on our computero How to setup and check Email o How to get on the online Windows Store to download games, Apps, and bookso How to listen to your music and download new music from the online Windows Storeo How to watch your videos and download TV shows and Movies from the Online Windows Storeo Learn how to access your photos from your computer, Facebook, Flickr, and SkyDrive . Plus 50 Bonus tips on how to be a power Windows 8 users today

Author: Jason Scotts

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