Windows 8 User?s Manual: A Complete Guide to Use Windows 8 like a Professional

Why Read This Manual Before Using Windows 8? If you are like many others who want to stay updated with the latest technologies, and want to adapt the same as soon as it is possible for you, then Windows 8 is for you! However, it is important to know that this version differs a lot from the earlier versions developed by Microsoft. This makes it necessary to learn all the new features of Windows 8 before using it in your tablet. Along with many new features introduced in Windows 8, a few of them are replaced by advanced features to provide a better user-experience to all tablet and PC users. Keeping this in consideration, the main challenge is to learn every bit of those features, so that you can have excellent command over them while using Windows 8. This guide has been designed to fulfill the same purpose. Throughout the book, you will find each new feature of Windows 8, along with many other important details you should know about Windows 8 before actually using it. Once you are done with reading this manual, you will be able to use Windows 8 proficiently.

Author: Michael K Edwards

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