Windows Azure Web Sites: Building Web Apps at a Rapid Pace

Windows Azure Web Sites book provides you with a practical advice in building high-quality websites. It is based on my years of experience in building 100+ solutions on Windows Azure. Windows Azure Web Sites helps you build secure, scalable, and high-performing websites at a rapid pace like no other platform. This book dives deep into these core capabilities that today's web apps must have. Windows Azure Web Sites is built from the ground-up in the cloud, and this book takes a 360 degrees view of its capabilities not only from a developer's but also from an entrepreneur's point of view. Today's developers are entrepreneurs, they build their own mobile apps that need web services in the cloud. Windows Azure Web Sites is a perfect platform for hosting such web services and web sites. You will enjoy the examples of integrating websites with other cloud services such as Storage, Virtual Machines, and Service Bus. Throughout this book, I have provided step-by-step instructions explaining the significance of each feature and the optimal way of using it. The Web Site Capability Model discussed in this book will help you visualize the capabilities and migration risks of your websites. The Storage Object Distribution pattern will open-up your creative mind in thinking differently when designing cloud applications at scale, believe me it's different. Whether you are a novice or an experienced developer, you will learn something new after reading this book. So, Jump In! Here are the contents at a glance: Introduction Chapter 1: Architecture Overview Chapter 2: Web Sites Quick Start Chapter 3: Continuous Deployment Chapter 4: Operations Chapter 5: Migrating Chapter 6: Migrating ASP.NET MVC Music Store Chapter 7: Integrating with ElasticSearch Chapter 8: Adding Custom Analytics Chapter 9: Web Sites Lightening Round Chapter 10: Building Node.JS Apps

Author: Tejaswi Redkar

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