Windows Server 2019 Automation with PowerShell Cookbook – Third Edition: Powerful ways to automate and manage Windows administrative tasks

Automate Windows server tasks with the powerful features of the PowerShell LanguageKey FeaturesLeverage PowerShell to automate complex Windows server tasksMaster new features such as DevOps, and containers, and speed up their performance using PowerShellImprove PowerShell's usability, and control and manage Windows-based environments by working through exciting recipesBook DescriptionWindows Server 2019 represents the latest version of Microsoft’s flagship server operating system. For those organisations that are still running Server 2008 and Server 2016, this latest product is a fairly natural upgrade. It also comes with the latest version of Windows PowerShell. PowerShell Version 5.1 has a number of additional features that IT pros find usefulThe purpose of the book is to help the reader learn how to use PowerShell to manage core roles,features, and services of Windows Server 2019.You will begin with creating a PowerShell Administrative Environment that has updated versions of PowerShell and the Windows Management Framework, updated versions of the .NET Framework, and third-party modules. Next you will learn to use PowerShell to setup and configure Windows Server 2019 networking and also managing objects in the AD environment. For Keeping your infrastructure up to date, fully patched, and resistant to malware and attacks you will become an expert in using Windows Server Update Services (WSUS). You will also learn to set up a host to utilize containers and how to deploy containers. You will also be implementing different mechanisms for achieving desired state configuration along with getting well versed with Azure infrastructure and how to setup Virtual Machines, web sites, and shared files on Azure. Finally, you will be using some powerful tools you can use to diagnose and resolve issues with Windows Server 2019.By the end of the book, you will take away lot of trips and tricks to automate your windows environment with PowerShellWhat you will learnPerforming key admin tasks on Windows Server 2019Best practices in writing PowerShell scripts and configuring Windows Server 2019Using the .NET Framework to achieve administrative scriptingSetting up VMs, web sites, and shared files on AzureReporting system performance using built-in cmdlets and WMI to obtain single measurements Who This Book Is ForIf you are a systems administrator, engineer, or an architect working with Windows Server 2016 interested in upgrading to Windows Server 2019 and automating tasks with PowerShell, then this book is for you. A basic knowledge of PowerShell is expected.

Author: Thomas Lee

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